About Even Forestry Ltd

Even Forestry Limited - Professional Foresty Management

Even Forestry was formed by Father & Son, Trevor & Martyn Neve in 2005. They traded for many years as T E Neve & Son prior to this.

At the point of forming the Ltd company they ran 6 Forest machines . The company has grown steadily over the years to what it is today of 20+ machines.

The company prides itself in being able to harvest almost anything to do with timber. It has a machine for most jobs.

Chipping & haulage etc is covered by other contractors of whom we’ve had long standing relations with.

Environmental Policy

The timber we harvest comes from sustainable forests in the United Kingdom, managed under the UK’s stringent forestry standards. This is governed by the Forestry Commission, and no trees are felled without felling licences. 

We will not trade in illegally harvested timber.

We aim to provide timber in the most sustainable way possible. We believe that no part of a harvested tree should go to waste, which is why we have introduced brash collection, where viable, as a part of our services. The brash collected is then chipped and used for biomass, which is a more sustainable way to heat and power our homes and businesses.

We keep an up to date machine and vehicle fleet, using the lowest emission engines (Final Tier 4). 

We also use biodegradable oil where possible. Used oils and filters are recycled through the correct channels in order to keep waste minimal. 

The environment that we work within is of the upmost importance to us, which is why we will arrange work programmes which factor in bird nesting, badger setts, environmental and archaeological constraints.

We expect our employees and sub contactors to adhere to these standards.