Even Forestry Services

Contract Harvesting

We have the capacity to harvest most crops and have done for many years.

We’ve had long-standing with sawmills/processors, timber merchants, private landowners & the Forestry Commission.
Our Biomass harvesting equipment has seen greater demand in recent and we anticipate this to continue.

We also offer a splitting service for poor quality material to help it to dry and physically fit in to a chipper.

Harvesting & Marketing

We purchase standing timber for harvesting & marketing.

We hold FSC chain of custody allowing us to market to most end users of timber.

We are constantly looking to purchase standing timber and biomass products.

Biomass Harvesting

Recently we’ve been experimenting with harvesting low-grade materials for biomass. We now have the capacity to significantly increase the volume coming into the marketplace.

This allows us to access previously unmanaged woodland economically bringing them back into management.

We also recover harvesting residue ( brash) for biomass when the sites allow this. Increasing income and reducing restock costs.

If you have unmanaged woodland, we can help with ride widening etc.